• Video Bob & The Fugitive

    28th March 2021 by

    Being at home constantly watching films on TV, rather than on a huge cinema screen, has got me thinking. So I’d like to take a trip down memory lane because, well why not? Mmmm the sweet smell of nostalgia…. I’ll pick a year. Let’s choose 1996, when I was the tender age of 10 years… Read more

  • Piss Off 2020

    20th December 2020 by

    I’ll admit to being, more often than not, a strange person and at the start of this year I thought to myself, “2020 will be good”. The symmetry in the numbers, the start of a new decade, the potential for El Wotsit Presidenté to be replaced; I felt extremely optimistic about what we had in… Read more

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